Amazon Hot Selling 800M 99Levels Dog Slave Training Collar Up to 3 Dogs

– Built-in LED light on the receiver and remote helps you locate your dog even in a dark environment;

– The receiver is IP7 waterproof, you can train your dogs at the beach and seaside; ( NOTE: Please don’t put it in the water for a long time.) 

– The soft rubber contact of this dog collar is safer than another metal one, the shock head would not contact the skin of your dog directly, protecting your dog from skin damage;

– More color choice for the remote and more option for the collar strap;

– Individual buttons for each function (Static shock, vibration, beep, Channel, light, and Level up/down) to avoid mis-triggering.


Product Details

The dog slave training system allows for perfecting a small range of dog obedience. With an 800m range, this dog slave training device was designed with the common household dog in mind, as the range of this system easily accommodates a stroll to your nearby park, or training in the backyard. We’ve incorporated every function that’s needed for a beginner trainer or novice training collar user. Those functions are static shock, vibration, tone, and light modes, which allow the trainer to receive the best possible results.

– This is the newest dog slave collar trainer with the most intelligent system;

– Over 3,000 different identity codes to prevent conflicts with other e-collars;

– For mild-mannered to stubborn disposition dogs;

– Easy to use and ergonomic transmitter;

– Rheostat dial allows for gradual adjustment in stimulation intensity with no jumps between 0 to 100 levels;

– Beeper+LED light+100 levels shock+100 levels vibration Training;

– Rechargeable & Submersible(IP7) dog collar trainer receiver;

– Multi-color remote and collar strap option;

– Power saving design with movement sensor;

– Blue Backlit LCD display design for night vision;

– The dog slave collar trainer effectively and humanely stops barking when it is worn on dogs;

– Dog collar trainer length adjustable from 26~36cm.


To avoid skin damage, please help to follow below tips, thanks:
1. Do not over tighten the collar receiver on your dog’s neck;
2. Do not keep the collar receiver on your dog’s neck for more than 12 hours a day;
3. Reposition the collar receiver on your dog’s neck every few hours;
4. Wash the collar contact area weekly with a damp cloth;
5. Examine the collar contact area for signs of rash or sores after removing it;
6. If any skin conditions persist beyond 48 hours, see your veterinarian;
7. Do not use the collar receiver again until your dog’s skin has fully healed.
8. This device is recommended for medium and large dogs. Please use shock mode carefully, the especially higher-level shock should always be the last mode to use.
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