3329 Rechargeable 7 Levels Vibration No Shock Dog Bark Collar

☆ Rechargeable: The device is rechargeable and works for about 14days.

☆ Intelligent Identification Chip: The product is activated by sound and vibration.

☆ Humanely Training Way:  Only sound and vibration mode, suitable for all breeds of dog, from 15~110lbs with neck size 9-22inch.

☆ Adjustable sensitivity and vibration levels: 7 Levels of sensitivity and vibration can be adjusted to meet different barking volumes.

☆ Colorful and Different Shape Case Replaced: There are 3 colors(Blue, Orange, Black) and 3 shapes plates (Bone, Paw, Arc) to choose from.

Product Details

The dog collar combines sound and vibration to train your dog not to bark. 7 levels of adjustable sensitivity meet different environments and different barking volumes. The sound and vibration training provides the most humane and effective way rather than punishing, at the same time, the collar saves your time to replace the battery consistently because it’s 14days working after each full charge, so you have enough time to spend and correct your dog’s bad behaviors, through this unique device to increase strongly your dogs’ memory, which is confirmed a faster, NO painful, more human.


– Voice recognition feature minimizes false triggering;

– Rechargeable and waterproof collar, it’s just rainproof;

– 1min auto-protection mode after 7 times work continuously.(1-2 times sound and 3-7 times sound+vibration);

– 7 intensity vibration/sensitivity levels;

– Vibration, static shock, and beep training;

– ON/OFF button on the collar;

– High-Quality reflective strap;

– The indicator light shows whether the device is working or not;

How does the collar work?

This product uses the vibration sensor for sensitivity distinction. When the sound of the dog barking reaches a certain frequency, it will trigger the sensors,
making a sound first, followed by a vibration.
1st Bark: 1.5s Beep
2nd Bark: 2.5s Beep
3rd Bark: 4s Beep + 0.5s Vibration
4th Bark: 4s Beep + 1s Vibration
5th Bark: 4s Beep + 1.5s Vibration
6th Bark: 4s Beep + 2s Vibration
7th Bark: 4s Beep + 3s Vibration
8th Bark: Collar will go into 1-minute sleep mode


♥ Please charge the device for more than 5H at the first charging;

♥ The device is not suitable for aggressive dogs;

♥ Please choose the best levels according to your dog and the training environment;

♥ Make sure the device is properly worn, we recommend you put your finger into the collar, not too loose, otherwise, there will no effect on your dogs;

♥ Please charge the set fully before you keep them idle for a long time, it’s necessary to charge them every month.

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