853 Classic Black Cheap 7 Levels No Bark Dog Collar

☆ Classic and High Quality: The device is hot selling for many years with its good quality and cheap price.

☆ OEM & ODM Available: We highly welcome OEM and ODM on this product with a more flexible quantity.

☆ Auto Protection: The device will go into 1-minute protection mode after 1 cycle. (7 continuous barks)

☆ Levels Adjustable: The sensitivity is adjustable by pressing the ‘+ | -‘.

☆ 2 Training Modes: There are only sound and shock corrections.

Product Details

The no-bark dog collar combines with a sound and static shock in a proven and safe formula, which is more effective and more humanized training for pets, the device is controlled by a microprocessor distinguishing your dog’s bark from other environmental noises and automatically delivers the sound and static shock after each bark. also the 1-minute-stop design is to protect your dog.


– 1min auto-protection mode after 7 times work;

– Powered by 1pcs 6V 4LRR battery;

– Sound first for warning in first 2 barks;

– 7 levels sensitivity adjustable to meet different size dogs;

– Only sound and static shock training;

– Recommended for dogs that weight at least 15lbs and are over 16 weeks old.

How does the collar work?

This device is with progressively increasing sound and shock, which is controlled by a microprocessor distinguishing your dog’s bark from other environmental noises and automatically delivers sound and shock after each bark, it’s repeated through 7 correction levels:
1st Bark: Low sound
2nd Bark: Medium sound
3rd Bark: High sound+mild shock
4th Bark: High sound+mild shock(increased)
5th Bark: High sound+mild shock(increased)
6th Bark: High sound+mild shock(strong)
7th Bark: High sound+mild shock(strongest)
8th Bark: Collar will go into 1-minute sleep mode


♥ Please do NOT use this training collar for aggressive dogs;

♥ Before training, let your dog wear the collar for about 5-7 days;

♥ Please avoid leaving the collar on the dog for more than 8 hours per day, and please try to re-position the collar on the dog’ neck every 1 to 2 hours;

♥ Examine the contact area daily for signs of rash or sores. If there is, stop using the collar until the skin has healed. If the condition persists beyond 48 hours, see your veterinarian;

♥ Make sure the collar receiver is properly worn, we recommend you put your finger into the collar, not too loose, otherwise, there will no effect on your dogs;

♥ The device is recommended for medium / large dogs (weight: 20lb or above).

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