CK001 Customizable Logo Puppy Training Clicker with Wrist Strap

♣ Colorful: More than 17colors can be chosen, the wristband can be changed to different colors or just the keyring.

♣ Easy to Operate: Simple push-button with a distinct clicking sound, the clicker is lightweight, fits and feels great in your hand.

♣ Wide Applications: Not only train the dogs but also cats, birds, chickens, sheep new behaviors like sit, fetch, roll over, lie down.

♣ Effective: The clicker training method is more and more popular, do not need to beat or make voice on your own. It can make your pets learn a variety of small tricks and are not easy to forget, for effective pet training ALWAYS reward with a treat after clicking.

♣ Easy to Carry: With a unique simple button and a key ring, you can clip it on a belt or pants to facilitate outdoor training. The scientific way to train your pet safely and easily.

Product Details

Clicker training is a positive reinforcement method that teaches your dog to associate a reward with the sound of a clicker training tool, Use the clicker sound to teach your dog nearly anything, from basic obedience commands to advanced tricks and agility training, you just have a tasty reward ready in each moment of good behavior. In this training method, you need to take more time and patience, but it’s safe and suitable for all animals who are sound-sensitive.


– It’s a happy communication mode with the pet;

– Not only train the dog but also the cat, bird, chicken, sheep, and even hamster. Must-have training tool for sound-sensitive pets;

– The clicker training can train the dog house-trained, basic obedience, small trick, and correct the bad behavior;

– Button for easy clicking and loud sound;

– The product is with an ergonomic design for a comfortable fit in your hand and each comes with a wristband for your convenience;

– Multi-colors wristband choice or just keyring option;

– OEM and ODM are available, so you can design and we will produce.

How to use it?

1. Give orders, such as lay down, sit down, pick frisbee, jump, etc.;
2. Wait until the dog follows the command;
3. After he/she did it, press the clicker;
4. Then reward the dog with snacks;
5. Repeat it several times to make the dog remember.


♡ You must reward the dog once he/she followed your command, such as food, snacks;

♡ Always train in an area without noise and distractions;

♡ You have to be patient. (Your insistence is the most important)

♡ Training action should be consistent while clicker training your pet of one behavior;

♡ The best time to start training is recommended for dogs 8 weeks and older.

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