556 Easy to Operate Remote Dog Training Collar for 3 Dogs

△ Rechargeable and Waterproof: Big LCD display on the remote shows the battery status, if the battery icon flashes, which means you should charge; IP67 waterproof degree for the collar, it’s rainproof, but do NOT submerge in water for a long time.

△ Auto power-saving: The remote will turn off without operation in 2 minutes, the collar will enter into sleep mode if not receiving the signal in 5 minutes.

△ Blue Backlit: Big LCD display with blue light design for night vision.

△ 3 Training Modes: Sound, 99 levels shock, and 99 levels vibration (Note: Treat your dog as friends, we suggest the static shock should always be your last choice, DO NOT use this mode to train young dogs)

△ Easy to Operate: Big individual button design for clear and easy to press.

Product Details

The 330 yards easy to hold dog training collar is a new generation product with a power-saving design, which provides 99 levels of static shock and vibration mode to make more flexible training. Rechargeable, IP67 waterproof, up to 3 dogs, which make the device more durable and practical than any other dog training collars, 0~99 levels correction is suitable for sorts of breeds and make the training is easier, with this blue backlit device, you can quickly correct your pets bad behaves. The torch function will help you find your dog quickly and easily at night or in the crowd also you can take it as another training method.


– Beep+Light+99 levels shock+99 levels vibration training;

– Rechargeable & waterproof (IP67 waterproof receiver collar);

– Remote blue backlit screen shows the power status;

– Support for 3 dogs with extra dog collar;

– Power saving design with movement sensor;

– The collar length is adjustable from 14inch ~ 27.5inch;

–  Recommended for dogs that weight at least 20lbs and are over 16 weeks old.

How to pair the remote with the receiver?

1. Press any button to wake up the remote and adjust levels of vibration or static shock above 0;

2. Press ‘CH’ button to select a signal channel(CH1, CH2, CH3);

3. Turn on the collar receiver, you will hear a beep;

4. Press any button of remote within 10sec to encode the signal, at the same time, the receiver beeps at once, which means the pairing is successful;

5. If you fail to match, please turn off the collar receiver then repeat steps 3~4;

6. If you have 3 receivers, press again ‘CH’ button to select another signal channel for transmission encoding.


1. Please charge the remote and receiver for more than 5H at the first charging;

2. Please do NOT use this training collar for aggressive dogs;

3. When charging the receiver, it will go to sleep mode automatically, and no signal received from the remote;

4. Before training, let your dog wear the collar for about 5-7 days;

5. Please avoid leaving the collar on the dog for more than 8 hours per day, and please try to re-position the collar on the dog’ neck every 1 to 2 hours;

6. Examine the contact area daily for signs of rash or sores. If there is, stop using the collar until the skin has healed. If the condition persists beyond 48 hours, see your veterinarian;

7. Please use vibration or tone mode first. Shock mode is only recommended in an emergency situation and not advised as a form of positive behavior training;

8. Make sure the collar receiver is properly worn, we recommend you put your finger into the collar, not too loose, otherwise, there will no effect on your dogs;

9. Please charge the set fully before you keep them idle for a long time, it’s necessary to charge them every month;

10. The remote dog training kit is recommended for medium / large dogs (weight: 20lb or above).

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