CSB10 Birdhouse Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrents

▶ Design for Outdoor: The birdhouse device with a lanyard to work for outside(hang/mount on a tree, wall or fence) and stop surrounding barks.

▶ Human Training: 25KHz ultrasonic frequency is aimed at pets and inaudible to human ears.

▶ Up to 50ft Range: There are 3 distances to be adjustable; 1-Low range, up to 15ft; 2-Medium range, up to 30ft; 3-High range, up to 50ft.

▶ LED Indicator to Show the Status: The LED indicator shows the status through different colors and flashes or not.

▶ Long Battery Life: The device is powered by a 9V battery(NOT included), the average battery life is 2 months.

Product Details

The birdhouse shape ultrasonic dog bark deterrent device is designed for outdoor, whether it’s hanging up on a tree or fence, when the device detects excessive barking, the microphone picks up the barking and activates the unit, this results in a safe high pitch ultrasonic sound that is audible to dogs, but not to humans, the offending dog hears the sound and will stop barking. Since it is unpleasant to the dogs, which makes them learn to stop barking.
Excessive barking can cause a real strain on your relationship, the device does not need a collar at all, safe and effective for all breeds and sizes of dogs.

Product Features:

– Detects barking up to 50ft away;

– Designed for outdoor;

– 4 Levels of operation including a test mode;

– Use ultrasonic sound to deter unwanted barking;

– LED light indicates the battery and working status;

– OEM & ODM available.

Product Parameter:

Training Mode Ultrasonic
Controlled Range 50ft
Powered by 9V battery(NOT included)
Color Black
Ultrasonic Frequency 25KHZ

How does the product work?

When the device detected the bark from a controlled range, an internal microphone picks up the sound, and the unit is automatically activated, to emit an ultrasonic sound, which is only heard by dogs. Startled by the safe and effective high-pitched sound, the dog should stop barking, as it will associate its bark with this unpleasant noise. Once the bark stops, the device stops accordingly.

What does the LED indicator tell?

Green Led light coming with flashing once every 5 seconds—Enough power

Red led light coming with flashing thrice every 5 seconds—Lack of Power

NO led light—Need to change the battery

Red LED light is ON—Emitting the ultrasonic sound


♥ Not suitable for deaf, hearing impaired and aggressive dogs;
♥ Keep at an arm’s length away from the human ear;
♥ Designed for outdoor;
Turn off the device if do NOT want it to work;
♥ Remove the battery before cleaning with a damp cloth;
♥ Do NOT immerse in water or any other liquid.
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